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Boiler Guide: What to Consider Before Buying

When you have an older boiler in your home, you need to really consider installing a modern boiler system. You will discover these newer models to be smaller and much more efficient than their older counterparts. In actual fact, some modern boiler systems can be as much as 95 p.c more efficient than older models, delivering more heat and hot water at a much decrease price.

Modern dwelling boilers come with mixed hot water heating systems — which eliminates the necessity for a separate hot water tank. Driven by computerized digital modules that provide continuous modulation, these dual systems use less fuel to provide heat and sizzling water to your home. In addition to saving you money on installation and maintenance, modern boilers have pilot-less ignition. Not only will the wind not extinguish the pilot light, pilot-less systems eliminate the risk of explosion.

Have you ever decided that upgrading to …